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Protect your animals from infection and disease

Stalosan F is the only EPA-registered dry germicide. Its multi-action disinfecting power provides long-acting protection, killing harmful pathogens for up to a full week. This effectively reduces costly health issues, such as swine dysentery, scours in pigs, mastitis in cows, various infections in poultry, and much more. Get news and important information about protecting your animals against disease. Learn more.

Kills pathogens; eliminates fungi, viruses, parasites, and fly larvae

Ammonia Reducer:

Breaks down ammonia and other gases; lowers pH

Drying Agent:

Absorbs up to 400% of its weight; not slippery when wet like limestone

With Stalosan F, you can rest easy knowing your animals’ health won’t be compromised.
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Rely on the preventive power of our all-natural formulation

Stalosan F contains more than 95% active ingredients to:

  • Improve air quality in swine production, on dairies, and in poultry operations
  • Return your barn environment to a natural low pH that protects your animals from infections

The fine dust particles in Stalosan F are designed to maximize surface contact in order to increase effectiveness. The particle size also helps optimize dispersion, ensuring more complete coverage.

Absorb water and neutralize ammonia
Highly-reactive Copper Salts
Inhibit the metabolism and production of pathogens; inhibit urease, the enzyme responsible for ammonia production
Iron Oxidants
Bind to the surface to kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, and fly larvae
Bind water and neutralize ammonia; lower pH to inhibit pathogens; increase the germicidal action of copper and iron tenfold
Provide a clean scent; act as a repellant


More than 100 independent studies have shown a high germicidal effect


More than 100 independent studies have shown a high antifungal effect


Studies have shown a high antiviral effect*


Studies have shown efficacy against coccidias and round worm


Studies have shown a high insecticidal effect on fly maggots§


Studies have shown a significant reduction in ammonia emissionll


Studies have shown significant drying effect


Studies have shown improved soil quality with no negative environmental influence#

* MAFF, England and Rostock University, Germany  |  † MAFF, England  |  ‡ The Royal Veterinary and Agriculture University, Denmark
§ Eurofins Steins Laboratory, Denmark  |  ll Lund University, Lund Sweden  |  ¶ Rostock University, Germany  |  # The Danish Institute of Agri. Sciences Foulum

Apply Stalosan F after wet disinfectant has dried
  • Allows for easy dispersion using a 3-way leaf blower or simple spreader
  • Won’t harm the eyes or lungs of animals or humans
  • Can be applied while animals are in the barn
  • For other animals, dust at any time
  • For laying hens, wait until evening and turn down lights before spraying
  • No need to alternate with other products to maintain efficacy
  • Application amount: 1 lb/100 ft2; 50 g/m2
  • For maintenance, apply once a week
  • In case of elevated moisture and/or pathogenic load, apply as needed
  • Supports your biosecurity efforts
  • Can be used as a dry disinfectant for boots before entering the barn
Ready to kill the pathogens that threaten the health of your animals with Stalosan F? Contact us today.

Ensure the safety of your animals

Stalosan F has been extensively studied and is backed by both independent and university research studies. These studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in killing pathogens and protecting your animals from infections, diseases, and the harmful effects of ammonia.

Clean and protect with easy, efficient application

You can be confident that Stalosan F is gentle enough to be used daily to weekly, as needed, in the presence of your animals. In fact, it has been trusted by producers around the world for more than 50 years with no side effects having ever been reported.

And because Stalosan F use does not result in the development of resistant bacterial strains, it can be used continuously, regardless of the season.

Safe for your animals. Easy for you.

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“The biggest benefit to Stalosan F is that it can be used with animals in the barn.”
Mike McNab
Prairie Livestock Supply, Worthington, MN

Stalosan F for Commercial Pork Production

Improves health and growth, reducing swine dysentery, scours in pigs, and more.   

Stalosan F for Dairy Farms

The multi-action effect eliminates microorganisms that cause many health problems in dairy cows.

Stalosan F for Poultry Operations

Reduces mortality and medication costs; improves FCR, production results, and profitability.