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The Powder with the Power to Protect

Only Stalosan powder attacks disease and ammonia at the source—infection-causing pathogens

Multi-action germicidal power kills bacteria at the source

Disease- and ammonia-causing pathogens are no match for Stalosan powder

A healthy barn environment is an ongoing challenge

In commercial pork production, dairies, and poultry operations, keeping your animals’ environment free of disease-causing pathogens is a major challenge.

Even with proper clean-out and sanitation, bringing animals into the barn immediately generates elevated bacteria levels and creates a high pH, alkaline environment and unhealthy levels of ammonia.

Protect your barn with the only EPA-registered dry germicide

Unlike simple drying agents and limestone-based products, Stalosan powder has the power to kill pathogens and truly disinfect your barn.

Its unique multi-action effect eliminates pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria. It also works as an ammonia reducer, lowers pH, and keeps your barn environment drier and healthier.

Multi-Action Germicidal Effect
Ensures a Healthier Animal Environment

Safeguard your animals’ safety with our natural mineral formulation

The high concentration of antimicrobial mineral acids in Stalosan powder is proven to kill pathogens, yet is gentle enough to be used in the presence of animals.

And long-acting Stalosan powder continues to eliminate the pathogen load in your barn and keep infections, diseases, and pH as low as possible for up to a full week.

Ready to kill the pathogens that threaten the health of your animals with Stalosan powder? Contact us today.

Only Stalosan Powder includes antimicrobial minerals proven to kill pathogens and neutralize ammonia.