Spreading Stalosan F is easy and efficient

Stalosan Handyman

Stalosan Handyman is a practical tool for a simple, quick and economic distribution of Stalosan. Handyman, which is powered by a standard drill, spreads Stalosan easily and quickly into the stalls. The material is spread directly to the side and backwards, so there are no problems with dust. Handyman can also be used for spreading while the animals (cows, pigs, sheep, horses etc.) are present in the barn.

  • Any standard drill can be used
  • The dosage is adjustable
  • Can also be used for spreading between animals
  • No problems with dust
  • Provides a very even distribution


Stalosan Boot Bath

PRRSv is considered to be one of the major problems facing pig production. A new university study demonstrates a high level of disinfecting effect against PRRSv, close to 100%. It concludes that under normal housing conditions, Stalosan F offers significant advantages as a disinfectant, also in boot baths.

Documentation: An evaluation of Stalosan F powder for deactivation of PRRSv

Stalosan Footbath

Stalosan Blower

With a blower, Stalosan F can now be spread effectively throughout the housing unit in a matter of minutes.

You can cover roughly 100 m2 from one position using the blower, and it takes about 1 minute. In larger housing, select a number of positions from which the entire area can be reached. For instance, an animal housing structure of 500 m2 requires 5 strategically placed blowout points.

Normally, the blower can disperse 4 kg Stalosan F in 1 minute.

Dosage instructions