Stalosan F

– Leading the way in biosecurity

Healthy food products have top priority all over the world. Consumers make higher and higher demands on food products and they are expressing increased desire for “farm-to-table”. The minimization of all kinds of medication is also at the top of their wish list. They want healthy food products without drug residues. This can only be observed if we ensure a healthy production and in order to obtain this we must make plans for biosecurity. Biosecurity planning is a very important daily management tool ensuring healthy and sustainable products in all varieties of livestock production.

Ensuring the livestock production against disease outbreaks is our most important task. An outbreak may have far-reaching consequences, which may be immense. Stalosan F is part of this task but of course it cannot remedy or prevent everything by itself. That is why we are working intensively to improve our knowledge about biosecurity for the benefit of agriculture. Biosecurity planning and the use of Stalosan hygiene solution program can help securing the production.

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