Stalosan® F

Stalosan F is a broad-spectrum disinfectant that considerably reduces infection pressure in the animals’ immediate environment. As the only product on the market, Stalosan F also offers a high level of acid minerals that improve the environment, decompose harmful substances and enhance the animals’ resistance.

Stalosan F creates optimal sanitary conditions in animal housing in the production period, ensuring improved animal health and wellbeing and optimised feed utilisation. This requires protection of the animals’ immediate environment by regular use of Stalosan F, which offers a combination of long-term and broad-spectrum effects.

Stalosan F 15Kg FriAn animal housing hygiene product for effective control of:

  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • viruses
  • parasites
  • moisture
  • ammonia
  • hydrogen sulphide

Stalosan improves the animal housing environment without facilitating development of resistant strains.


pH is a crucial factor

Most pathogenic germs are killed at a pH level of 4. The animal exploits this by secreting a substance on its skin with a pH of about 4.5-5.5. This secretion inhibits bacteria and considerably reduces the risk of infection.

Ammonia accumulated in the animal housing environment has a high pH value which enables it to dissolve the protective secretion, the skin itself and the surfaces of the respiratory tract, thus increasing the risk of infection.

Stalosan F neutralises ammonia and creates a more ”natural” animal housing environment with a lower pH value that supports the animals’ natural resistance.

Stalosan F is neutral to animals and people. This enables Stalosan F to be used for all forms of livestock, regardless of housing conditions.


More than a dry disinfectant

Stalosan consists only of active ingredients all of which are decisive for its effect. This is different from most other powder products which are composed of a tiny percentage of active ingredients and a large amount of inactive carriers.

The composition of Stalosan F focuses not only on controlling pathogenic microorganisms but also on counteracting harmful chemical and biological imbalances which always occur in high-production herds. Such herds are acutely sensitive to outbreaks of disease as the high concentration of animals strains the housing environment, both in terms of a higher risk of infection and the formation of harmful waste products which further heighten the risk of infection.

The general, basic idea of Stalosan F is thus to create a product that offers a diverse broad-spectrum effect against pathogenic microorganisms, combined with the ability to neutralise harmful chemical waste products which would otherwise heighten the risk of infection and disease.

Stalosan Effective Against


Documented effect

Countless analyses performed by the most well-reputed laboratory in Denmark, “Steins Laboratory” (previously Qvists Laboratorium) have showed that Stalosan F’s antimicrobial effect is rated as highly significant. This applies to bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and maggots, achieving total suppression within 30 minutes.

In addition to the many analyses by Steins Laboratory, different groups of scientists have examined the effects of Stalosan F.

Finally, a great number of practical trials have been carried out, testing Stalosan F under the real-life conditions seen in animal housing. In each case, a significant reduction of common pathogenic microorganisms was demonstrated.

As Stalosan F is a dry disinfectant, laboratory testing has always proven difficult as such tests are performed in a solution. Both ”Steins Laboratory” and ”Dr. Norman Miner” have developed sound, useful test protocols for Stalosan F, and the results are unambiguous: Stalosan F has a significant, primary antimicrobial effect which is not caused by dehydration.


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