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Stalosan F protects your commercial pork production from bacteria and disease

Stalosan F can play an important role in your farm’s sanitation program. Its proven pathogen-killing power eliminates bacteria and viruses, effectively lowering the incidence of swine dysentery and other common diseases and infections.

It also absorbs moisture and works as a vital ammonia reducer to improve air quality in swine production.

Together, the multiple benefits of Stalosan F increase the overall health of your pigs and the profitability of your operation.

Stalosan F in pig farms reduces:

Benefits of Stalosan F to decrease mortality in piglets

Stalosan F provides piglet stress reduction at times when they are highly vulnerable to various microorganisms, such as group forming and feed changes. And it can be used directly on newborn piglets for quick and effective drying to protect them against disease.

Stalosan F in pig farms has been shown to reduce cases of diarrhea and pneumonia by over 50%, resulting in fewer antibiotic treatments. By reducing resistant pathogen strains, Stalosan F can also help maintain the potency of antibiotics when they are needed.

In addition, Stalosan F application offers significant benefits in transport trucks. After wet disinfectant is applied and dries, the powder can be applied to prevent bacterial growth and minimize the risk of disease challenges.

Multi-Action Germicidal Effect

Ensures a Healthier Animal Environment

Benefits of Stalosan F in the nursery

Use of Stalosan F in pig farms results in improved health, lower medication cost, and reduced production losses, promoting piglet growth from fostering to weaning and improving piglet survival.

For growers and fatteners, Stalosan F can be applied during critical periods for piglet stress reduction in order to reduce pathogen pressure, scours in pigs, and morbidity that often occur at these times.

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Benefits of Stalosan F in sows and the farrowing house

Because successful insemination is critical for production, Stalosan F in the service area improves environmental conditions to help increase the insemination rate to boost pig reproductive performance. Stalosan F also improves farrowing house hygiene. When applied once per week to keep a dry environment for farrowing, the powder is shown to decrease mortality; increase weight gain; improve FCR; and reduce scours in pigs, medication use, and pneumonia.
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Stalosan F in Commercial Pork Production

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