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Stalosan F protects your cows from bacteria and disease

Stalosan F can play an important role in your dairy farm, with the proven pathogen-killing power to reduce infections and increase the overall health and profitability of your herd.

The germicidal powder has a multi-action effect, controlling the pH level on the farm and protecting against the microorganisms that cause some of the leading health problems in dairy cows such as:

Kill pathogens and protect your animals.
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Benefits of Stalosan F in Dairy Operations
Reduces bacterial, viral, and fungal infections
Reduces parasites, dermatitis, and coccidiosis
Reduces parasitic infections and fly infestations
Reduces veterinary costs
Decreases the pathogenic load on the production system
Improves animal housing conditions
Stalosan F helps you improve your dairy farm health standards

Stalosan F contains active ingredients that are proven pathogen killers and ammonia reducers, which work to improve environmental conditions for cows, calves, and handlers alike.

It provides around-the-clock protection when applied 3 times per week. And because it’s based on natural minerals, it’s safe to use for animals of all ages and has no safety concerns for humans.

Stalosan F is particularly useful during the spring and fall “wet seasons” and is ideal for:

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Stalosan F for Dairy Operations

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