Protect your animals from infection and disease
Stalosan® Dry

Medium ammonia and moisture control, high animal comfort

Stalosan Dry offers proven moisture absorption. With completely dry resting areas, microoganisms struggle to survive. Stalosan Dry is an ideal drying agent with:

  • Super soft structure—an excellent choice for newborn piglets to keep them dry and comfortable in resting areas
  • Slightly acidic formulation—an effective solution when a simple drying agent is needed
Stalosan® Basic

Low pH plus high ammonia and moisture control

Stalosan Basic absorbs moisture and helps to break down harmful waste products and lower the pH in the animals’ resting areas.

  • Special mineral acids—an effective choice when you need more than a simple drying agent
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Stalosan F

When you need multi-action disinfecting power and long-acting protection in commercial pork production, dairies, and poultry operations.