Stalosan® Hoof

Digital dermatitis (Mortellaro’s disease)

Healthy and intact skin in the hoof region can be damaged by environmental factors like moisture, manure and ammonia.

Here the weakened skin areas are more susceptible to pathogenic microorganisms like Treponema that normally would not be able to cause infection in intact skin. Treponema plays an important role in digital dermatitis/Mortellaro’s disease.

Once digital dermatitis has been established, there is a risk of chronic conditions where bacteria thrive in resistant biofilm, necrotic tissue and scales. Here many treatments are inefficient, because of the strong and protective bacterial biofilm that prevents conventional antimicrobials from getting in contact with the bacteria.

At the same time, the biofilm creates a hypoxic environment that inhibits wound healing and increases bacterial survival. In here bacteria excrete damaging chemicals like ammonia and hydrogen sulphide that breaks down tissue and oxygen, respectively. The immune respond is also partly inhibited by biofilm.  


Mechanisms of action for Stalosan Hoof

  • Powerful removal of biofilm without damaging the skin
  • Neutralises ammonia and sulphides on the skin
  • Increases the concentration of oxygen in the wound
  • Supports sebum
  • Closes the DD wound with a scab
  • Forms a protective and resistant layer on the skin that protects from future DD infections. 



  • For use in milking parlours, rotary and head lock systems
  • Use 2-3 times per week in spraying devices. If severe problems exist the weekly
    application can be increased in the first four weeks 
  • If hooves are very dirty, it is recommended to wash them before treatment
  • Consumption is approx. 20-30 ml per cows per treatment.



Effective protection of the bovine hoof from the harmful environment in the cowshed


Stalosan Hoof has improved the hoof health among 650 dairy cows at Laurits Jespersen’s farm in Denmark.

Nicolai Pedersen is cowman on Laurits Jespersen’s farm in Nibe, a Danish city, and he is taken care of the 650 cows. They have been using Stalosan Hoof for nearly four months and they have had positive experiences with the product. 

- We have 650 dairy cows in our cowshed, and we have been using Stalosan Hoof for nearly four months. I can see a distinct improvement in hoof health among our cows. We are using the product according to the recommendations from Vitfoss, and we can see a significant reduction in the frequency of digital dermatitis. I can warmly recommend the product because it fully meets our expectations. It is easy to work with and compared to many other products we have tried, this product is gentle to both animals and the people who are working with it.


For more info on Stalosan Hoof visit Vilofoss