Stalosan® Basic

Stalosan _BasicStalosan Basic is a new cost effective hygiene agent in powder form in the Stalosan product group.

The combination of low pH value and strong desiccating properties reduces the development of harmful substances and moisture in the stable environment.

  • Stalosan Basic reduces the pH value, neutralises ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and other harmful substances, and provides a healthier environment leading to improved animal welfare.
  • Ammonia from the stable environment, and added hydrated lime, limestone and chlorine are all alkaline substances with high pH value that potentially can destroy protective secretion of the animal skin. This leads to decreased bacteria inhibition, reduced flexibility and strength of the skin and thus increased infection risk and disease level. 
  • In general, pathogenic bacteria perform very poorly in an acidic environment. This is for instances utilised by animals by excreting a sticky acidic secretion covering the skin and in the respiratory tract and thus inhibiting harmful bacteria. It is one of the most important lines of defence against pathogens. Stalosa Basic also reduces  the pH in the environment, thus contributing to the animal resistance against infections. 

The skin and mucosa/respiratory tract are protected by a sticky acidic substance, which is called sebum. It mainly consists of wax, organic acids and non-pathogenic bacteria like e.g. Staphylococcus epidermis. Sebum creates a hostile environment for the pathogenic bacteria preferring an alkaline environment. 

Any damage to the sebum - for instance caused by alkaline products like ammonia, hydrated lime, limestone, bentonite or detergents, increases the risk of infections on skin.

Sebum normally has a pH value of 5 – 6. If the pH is above 8 the pathogenic bacterial growth increases.

  • Stalosan F can be used if a more broad-spectrum effect is required.


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