Stalosan F for Horse stables

In horse stables, spread Stalosan F at least once a week – across the entire floor area and particularly in wet, damp areas and along edges.

Stalosan F has been proven effective against many problems, both when caused by bacteria and when induced by certain parasites. Examples include thrush, grease, certain forms of coughing and excessive concentration of ammonia in the stable area.

Stalosan F can also be used as a dry "hoof bath". If there are many horses, it is an advantage to spread a 25 kg sack of Stalosan F on a foam mat (e.g. an Alflex mat) and lead the horses through it 1–2 times a week.

The straw stays fresh longer when using Stalosan F, which typically reduces the straw consumption by 10–15%. In addition, using Stalosan F at least once a week will considerably reduce the number of flies. Also look for improvements in the yield from soil fertilized with manure from animal housing where Stalosan F is consistently used.

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Stalosan F dosage instructions for horses

When starting to use Stalosan F, apply once a day for 3 days, and subsequently consistently 1–2 times a week.

In case of an acute, severe problem and after acute treatment by the vet, Stalosan F may be applied once a day for 8 days, and subsequently consistently 1–2 times a week to reduce the risk of infection.

The dosage is always 50 g/m²(1 pound per 100 sq. feet), but it may be very valuable to concentrate on the critical areas in the stable. To obtain full value for money, it is important to apply Stalosan F consistently 1–2 times a week to keep the infection pressure down, also in periods without acute problems.

In stalls, apply Stalosan F directly on the existing mat and particularly in the back end, along edges and in damp areas of the stall.

The consumption of Stalosan F is typically 12½–25 kg (27.5-55 pounds) Stalosan F per horse/year.

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Stalosan F - problem solving in horse stables

We contribute knowledge and professional backup to all customers choosing Stalosan F as problem-solver in their horse stalls.

When using the product properly and consistently, the customer will always experience a positive effect that exceeds the costs of the product.

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Stalosan F removes toxic, foul-smelling ammonia and hydrogen sulphide vapours that attack mucous membranes.

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