Stalosan F on-farm trials

A number of interesting on-farm trials using Stalosan F have been conducted for each type of animal.

Scientific studies and laboratory analyses are of great value for identifying the disinfecting impact of products such as Stalosan F under controlled conditions. However, these studies and analyses should never be used out of context, as sterile laboratory conditions are a far cry from actual animal housing, where manure, equipment and livestock can undermine the effect of even highly potent products.

Stalosan F has been subject to many on-farm trials ever since the product was first marketed in the 1960s. Many of the trials arose naturally in connection with farmers buying Stalosan F for the first time to solve a scour problem, for instance. We have followed many of these processes to document the effect. This has resulted a great deal of positive testimonials, dominated by fundamental production figures such as reduced mortality and faster growth and better feed utilisation.

Other farm trials have been better planned and controlled. A number of the controlled on-farm trials are mentioned below.

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Efficacy of Stalosan F in farrowing accommodation New Zealand
Stalosan F influence on performance - farm trial results Polandor
Testimonial Fairmont Vet Clinic coccidia, rota virus and Cl. Perfringesns in pigs
Testimonial MPI farms scours in farrowing and nursery pigs

Testimonial Swine Vet Center,coccidia and Salmonella pigs 




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Farm trial to compare the efficacy of Stalosan F against the spores of Aspergillus sp. with that of Formaldehyde Prills  

Rudolf H. van der Veen, Allied Nutrition 

Commercial trial ’’S.C. Colini Ltd’’ broiler farm with Stalosan Granules


The clinical efficacy of a paste containing Richinus communis for treatment of equine pastern dermatitis