Stalosan F – desiccation

The significance of powder hygiene products’ moisture-absorption properties in animal housing is limited.

Moisture-absorption is strongly overrated when selecting a powder hygiene product for animal housing. The recommended amount, typically 50 g/m2, is far too small to keep animal housing floors constantly dry. As desiccation does not kill contagious sources, it provides a false sense of security, and only a small amount of moisture from urine, manure, etc., can reinduce strong bacteria growth and create infection and disease.

Rather, it is essential to select products that kill harmful microorganisms and impair their living conditions by lowering pH and binding ammonia. 


Stalosan F converts moisture into a solid state instead of merely absorbing it.

If moisture-absorption is actually desired in animal housing, Stalosan F offers has the unique ability to convert moisture into ammonium sulphate in the presence of ammonia. This removes both water and ammonia, which it converts into nitrogen-rich manure.

The results of a laboratory study showing the moisture-absorption effect of Stalosan F are presented below. Right: with ammonia. Left: without ammonia. The same amount of Stalosan F and water were used in both glasses, but a smaller amount of ammonia has been added to the glass on the right (approx. 1% solution). This increases the ability of Stalosan F to bind water two to four fold. The additional amount of precipitation is mainly ammonium sulphate formed by water, ammonia and Stalosan F.