Harmful effects of ammonia on human and animal health.

Numerous studies show that a high pH value, as a result of ammonia, is devastating to livestock and provides:


  • Increased incidence of diseases
  • Reduced feed intake
  • Reduced feed conversion
  • Reduced growth (and milk)


5 ppm     -  Lowest odour threshold

6 ppm     -  Irritation to eyes and respiration

11 ppm   -  Reduced performance in animals

25 ppm   -  Occupational hygiene limit for 8-hour exposure

35 ppm   -  Maximum limit for 10-minute exposure

40 ppm   -  Headache, nausea and loss of appetite in humans

50 ppm   -  Severely reduced performance

              -  Increased risk of pneumonia

              -  Significantly impaired health with life-threatening reaction

100 ppm - Sneezing, salivation and strong irritation of mucous membranes

Life-threatening condition


Stalosan F binds ammonia

The result of a laboratory study showing the moisture-absorption of Stalosan F. Right: with ammonia. Left: without ammonia. The same amount of Stalosan F and water was used in both glasses, but a smaller amount of ammonia had been added to the glass to the right (approx. 1% solution). This increases the ability of Stalosan F to bind water two to four fold.