Efficient healing of shoulder wounds

Stalosan Skin Repair

Stalosan Skin Repair is a unique wound-healing ointment providing visible results within a short period of time. Stalosan Skin Repair is easy to administer: Simply apply it all-over the wound of the animal, repeat daily or as needed until the wound has healed.

Wounds and skin infections are serious and very often lead to financial losses – and in the worst case to the destruction of the animal.

Several trials have proven that Stalosan Skin Repair is acting quickly and efficiently. E.g. the wounds on the shoulders of farrowing sows have healed with 0.15 cm per day; this corresponds to a halving of the usual healing time.

In other words, Stalosan Skin Repair is the most efficient wound-healing ointment available on the market – and less expensive to use than any other available product.

No toxicity has been observed. Stalosan Skin Repair may be applied onto irritated skin, wounds and skin infections with all domestic animals.


Stalosan Ointment


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