Round worm

It is estimated that around half of all Danish pig herds are infected with round worm. Pigs with adult round worms in their intestines excrete thousands of eggs in the fertilizer. Humans are infected by eating the ineffective eggs which can survive in the soil for up to six years. Pig fertilizer and slurry should not be spread in fields or in gardens used for vegetables, strawberries or other crops.

It is estimated that the round worm reduces the feed conversion and the daily gain with up to 10 per cent in pig herds.

Round Worm

In this test, Stalosan F reduced the amount of round worm eggs with 87.5 per cent. As comparison, caustic lime achieved a significantly lower reduction with 63.2 per cent. Caustic lime is very harmful to both humans and animals contrary to Stalosan F which has never been shown to have any harmful effects.