Calf scours

Causes of calf scours

  • ETEC (E.coli F5)         0-3. day 
  • ”Ordinary” coli        1.-10. dag 
  • Rotavirus               5.-10. day
  • Coronavirus            2.-3. week
  • Cryptosporidium      1.-2. week
  • Salmonella Dublin  From 2. week 



  • Power of resistance from colostrum
  • Quality of feed and milk replacer
  • Air quality and ammonia vapour
  • Cleaning between batches
  • Infection control


Stalosan F and calf scours

  • Stalosan F and calf scours·Stalosan F is effective against all types of microorganisms causing calf scours incl. virus
  • Stalosan F improves air quality and reduces ammonia vaporization.
  • Stalosan F can be applied on (wet) surfaces after cleaning to boost the effect
  • Stalosan F reduces the risk of infection to a minimum