Stalosan F will soon be celebrating its first 50 years in Danish and international pig herds. This means that a vast amount of experience and knowledge of disease prevention using Stalosan F has been accumulated.

In the following, you can read about some of the most important swine diseases against which Stalosan F is highly effective. It is worth emphasising the significant effect on different types of diarrhoea in piglets which are completely independent from the underlying cause of the diarrhoea.

Stalosan F has been tested effective towards a number of pathogenic microorganisms in poultry productions. Mentioned below are some of the most important. 

Diseases Animal
Avian influenza Product Poultry Hover
Aspergillus Product Poultry Hover
Calf scours Product Cow
Campylobacters Product Poultry Hover
Clostitrium Product Pig HoverProduct Poultry Hover
Coccidia Product Pig Hover
Diarrhea Product Pig HoverProduct Mink Hover
Fusarium Product Poultry Hover
Matitis Product Cow
Mortality Product Pig Hover
Newcastle desease virus Product Poultry Hover
Dysentery Product Pig Hover
E.Coli Product Pig HoverProduct Poultry Hover
Lawsonia Product Pig Hover
MRSA Product Pig Hover
PRRS virus Product Pig Hover
Rotavirus Product Pig Hover


Product Mink Hover
Salmonella Product Pig HoverProduct Poultry Hover
Shoulder wounds Product Pig Hover
Soot eczema Product Pig Hover
Staphylococcus Product Poultry Hover
PEDv Product Pig Hover