Stalosan F documentation

Countless analyses performed by one of Denmark’s most well-reputed laboratories, “Steins Laboratory” (now a part of Eurofins) have demonstrated a highly significant antimicrobial effect of Stalosan F. This applies to bacteria, fungi, viruses as well as parasites, obtaining total suppression within a short period of time.

In addition to many analyses, various teams of scientists have studied the effects of Stalosan F.

Finally, a great number of practical trials have been carried out, testing Stalosan F under the real-life conditions seen in animal housing. In each case, a significant reduction of common pathogenic microorganisms was demonstrated.

As Stalosan F is a dry disinfectant, laboratory testing has always proven difficult as the analyses are based on solutions. Both ”Steins Laboratory” and ”Dr. Norman Miner” have developed sound, useful test protocols for Stalosan F, and the results are unambiguous:  Stalosan F has a significant, primary antimicrobial effect which is not caused by moisture absorption alone. This is particularly evident in the Steins Laboratory analyses, in which the conditions do not allow Stalosan F to dry out the bacterial environment. In spite of this, a total antibacterial effect is still seen.