We have got the results we were looking for

Nigel Stone, herd Manager at the 300 cow Moor Court farm, part of the famous Broadlands Estate Farms, had tried many things to improve the Somatic cell counts of the herd.

"Lime was cheap but basically didn´t work and the Formalin prills despite being quite expensive, just didn´t do the job" said Nigel. "Colin Gould our vet, had been doing trials with Stalosan@F and was very impressed with the results in controlling coliforms. He suggested we have a go - so we did."

The result were almost immediate. Somatic cell counts dropped to below 300.000 and contunued down until turnout time were below 200.000. Equally impressive were the reductions in the number of cases of Mastitis, a drop of over 60%.

"We didn´t use a tube in our cubicle housed group for threee monts" said Nigel.

Colin Gould, the Estates Veterinary Surgeon, was very pleased with the improvement and equally encouraged by the improvement in the herd´s feet. Even though the loose housed portion of the herd was cleaned out every four weeks, lameness was still a problem. 

"We would normally expect at least a dozen cows to be lame towards the end of winter, yet we haven´t had a single case for over a month" quoted Nigel.

Stalosan@F has the ability to maintain dryer bedding and reduce the background levels of bacteria and other pathogens, without damaging the cow´s udder.

John Singleton of the Etates Manager summed it up:  
"As far as I am concerned we have got the results we were looking for.