Stalosan F for cattle

Stalosan F is proven to be effective against many problems, both those caused by bacteria and those induced by certain parasites. Examples include mastitis, elevated cell numbers, foul in the foot, diarrhoea and excessive concentration of ammonia in the accommodation area.

For cattle, spread Stalosan F in areas where the animals lie down, particularly under the udder and in damp areas. In penned and tethered stalling, spread the product at the back of the stall in particular, around the feeding trough and dung channel, etc. In deep-bedding housing, spread directly on the existing layer of bedding, particularly in the animals’ lying areas. Spread throughout the entire area in calf stalls.

The straw stays fresh longer when using Stalosan F, which typically reduces straw consumption by 10–15%. In addition, the number of flies is considerably reduced when using Stalosan F at least once a week. Also look for improvements in the yield from soil fertilized with manure from animal housing where Stalosan F is consistently used.


"We have suffered with digital dermatitis in the past but this year the Stalosan@F seems to have knocked it back"

Glenn & Roger Kellet, Bishop Thornton, Ripon

"We would normally expect at least a dozen cows to be lame towards the end of winter, yet we haven´t had a single case for over a month"

Nigel Stone, Moor Court Farm 

Cows In Barn


Dosage instructions

Lying areas/stalls
Applied daily using 50-100 g/m2 (1-2 pound per 100 sq. feet) as evenly as possible underneath the udder area/at the rear of the stall. Stalosan F can be mixed with the bedding in the bedding machine before spreading the bedding if sufficiently even distribution of the product can be achieved. If the product is unevenly distributed, it is recommended to spread Stalosan F manually. Uneven spreading of Stalosan F in lying areas will reduce its effect. For cows on deep bedding, apply Stalosan F on top of the bedding in doses corresponding to approx. 100 g/m(2 pound per 100 sq. feet) daily or as often as possible.

Calf stalls/individual stalls/calf huts
Apply 100 g/m2 (2 pound per 100 sq. feet) once weekly, as evenly as possible on top of the bedding. Apply additional Stalosan F, preferably daily, in areas with visible dung/diarrhoea to reduce the risk of infection. It is preferable to throw the product against the bedding/fittings to generate dust that ensures an effective distribution.

Shared stalls/bigger calves over three months old
For optimal protection against infection from harmful environmental bacteria, treat the bedding mat once a week. Throwing the product against bedding and fittings enhances the effective area of the product.


Stalosan F consumption cattle

Cubicle and stanchion housing:          

This presumes that an area of about 1.8 m2 is treated. In the first week, you scatter the first three days and for the next 51 weeks once a week.

First week 1.8 m2 x 3 treatments:                                 5.4 m2

51 weeks 1.8 m2 x 51 weeks:                                     91.8 m2                            

Square metres in total/cow/year:                                 97.2 m2

Consumption per year 97.2 m² x 50 g                   about 5.0 kg. (11 pounds)

Deep litter sections:                              

We estimate a resting area of 5.5 m2 per cow. The first two weeks, you scatter about six times depending on the conditions and for the next 50 weeks once per week.

2 first weeks 5.5 m2 x 6 treatments                             33 m2

50 weeks 5.5 m2 x 50 weeks                                     275 m2        

Square metres in total/cow/year                                 308 m2

Consumption per year 308 m² x 50 g                   about 15.5 kg (34 pounds)


Stalosan F consumption calves:

Individual boxes:

This presumes that an area of about 1.5 m2 is treated. First week you scatter for the first three days and once a week for the next 12 weeks.

First week 1.5 m2 x 3 treatments.                             4.5 m2

12 weeks 1.5 m2 x 12 treatments                            18.0 m2                            

Square metres in total per 3 month per calf                22.5 m2

Consumption for 3 months 22.5 m² x 50 g        about 1.025 kg. (2.26 pounds)

Group pens:

Age 3-6 months(100-175kg) – 2 m² per calf

First week 2 m2 x 3 treatments.                                6.0 m2

12 weeks 2 m2 x 12 treatments                               24.0 m2                             

Square metres in total/ 3 months/calf                        30.0 m2

Consumption for 3 months 30.0 m² x 50 g      about 1,5 kg. (3.3 pounds)


Age 6-12 months(175-250kg) – 2.5 m² per calf

First week 2.5 m2 x 3 treatments.                             7.5 m2

24 weeks 2.5 m2 x 24 treatments                            60.0 m2                            

Square metres in total/6 months/calf                        67.5 m2

Consumption for 6 months 67.5 m² x 50 g         about 3,375 kg.(7.4 pounds)


Age 12-18 months(250-350kg) – 3.0 m² heifer

First week 3.0 m2 x 3 treatments                               9.0 m2

24 weeks 3.0 m2 x 24 treatments                             72.0 m2                            

Square metres in total/6 months/heifer                      81.0 m2

Consumption for 6 months 81.0 m² x 50 g        about 4,05 kg. (8.9 pounds)


Age 18-24 month (350-450kg) – 4.0 m² heifer

First week 4.0 m2 x 3 treatments.                             12.0 m2

24 weeks 4.0 m2 x 24 treatments                              96.0 m2                            

Square metres in total/6 months/heifers                    108.0 m2

Consumption for 6 months 108.0 m² x 50 g        about 5.4 kg.(11.9 pounds)

Total consumption 0 – 24 months                        about 15.35kg (33.84 pounds)


Stalosan F resolution on cattle farm

We contribute knowledge and professional backup to all customers choosing Stalosan F as problem-solver in their livestock production.

When using the product properly and consistently, the farmer will always experience a positive effect that exceeds the costs of the product.


Stalosan F impact on cattle stable environment

Stalosan F removes toxic, foul-smelling ammonia and hydrogen sulphide vapours that attack mucous membranes.

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